Custom Lamps

Preserve a special object as a remembrance

All the way from a wire work of art to an antique tea set, Tom can craft just about any treasure into a daily remembrance.

Beautiful, functional and memorable lamps can be created from objects as diverse as:

  • antique and new wood, metal, crystal or porcelain vases
  • oil lamps
  • silver, pewter and other types of candlesticks
  • antique copper fire extinguishers
  • wood carvings
  • musical instruments
  • sporting items, such as golf clubs, tennis rackets, and soccer balls
  • new or vintage painted tins
  • wicker and wire baskets
  • champagne, milk and other special bottles
  • even books or computer servers….

The limit is your imagination!

Tom likes to begin a project like this with a phone call. He needs a clear vision of what you see as the finished lamp before he can begin to select from a wide range of UL certified lamp parts. In many conversions the visible wires and plugs can look antique while at the same time meeting all modern electrical codes.

If a fabric or stained glass lampshade, an antique-looking glass reflector or even a decorative naked bulb will provide the perfect finish, we ask you to go through our primary supplier’s online catalog to find whatever will spark your imagination.