Tom’s Vintage Lamp Repair

Your Treasured Lamp Is Treated As If It Were My Own

“Tom Berndt has worked with antique lights, vintage lamps and custom creations from his workshop in the small city of Eau Claire, Wisconsin for the past decade. In that time he earned a well-deserved reputation for his high-quality lamp creation, repair and restoration projects.”

Our Services

Lamp Repair / Restoration

Tom’s Vintage Lamp Repair can fix most damaged antique and vintage lamps and restore indoor fixtures.

Custom Lamps

All the way from a wire work of art to an antique tea set, Tom can craft just about any treasure into a daily remembrance.

Lamps For Sale

"Sometimes I go to an auction and can’t wait to take apart and then restore some antique beauty I bring back home with me."

Special Care

If your lamp or chandelier has been collecting dust for so long you’re not even sure it works and are afraid to plug it in and find out, we understand and can help.

“Phone me when you know what you want or go to my supplier’s website for ideas and then give me a call.

Did you know I work on foreign lamps, too?

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Working in his home workshop,
Tom repairs and restores:

  • antique/vintage reading, wall and floor lamps
  • gas, candle, and electric chandeliers and hanging lamps
  • gas and kerosene lamps retrofitted with UL-approved modern electrical components

This tea set chandelier was a challenging project.

Additionally, Tom can custom create a lamp for just about any purpose and out of just about anything. For example, he quickly transformed this wire basket into the focal point of a modern foyer.